Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Whiskey 1:
Vanilla in the nose, not too strong an alcohol. An herbal or grassy note every once in a while. Pleasant.
Mild sweetness on the tongue, nice flavors mid-palate though I'm not sure I can pick them apart once again. Minty is a decent descriptor. Mild rye spice. Overall balance, with some noticeable mint/spice. Finish is medium length with some bitterness/char, but not overpowering. Good flavors overall.

Guess: Four Roses Small Batch--had some the other night after trying the OBSK and this seems similar. Four Roses are balanced, but the small batch has a little more mint (F yeast strain?) to it. Yellow label seems sweeter when I've had it, so I guess small batch.

Answer: Four Roses Small Batch. I got one right finally.

Whiskey 2:
Slight alcohol in the nose, lot of vanilla and candy aroma. Some floral aroma as well. Sweet on the tongue, a little alcohol heat and rye spice. A little more bitterness in the finish than the previous. Good flavor throughout. Different from the last one, but I'm not quite able to say how. More bitter in the finish, less mint in the middle. Nose is really nice, but doesn't quite keep up on the tongue maybe.
Finish is medium length.

Guess: Not sure, some rye. Higher proof than last one. But not much other distinctive I can come up with to narrow it down. Very Old Barton?

Answer: Bulleit Bourbon.

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