Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Whiskey 1:
Scotch-like flavors. Nose has the sooty? smell I associate with scotch and the finish also had soot/smoke, but not quite peaty flavors of scotch. Rye spice in the flavor, but smooth. Not very sweet, not overly alcohol-y, no detectable flavor or smell of corn.
Wasn't sure this was bourbon and thought it could be the Johnnie Walker green since it seemed like a 'mild' scotch and that's the mildest we have on hand.

Good, but not my favorite. Lacks a little sweetness that I like.

Answer: Black Maple Hill. Bourbon after all.

Whiskey 2:
Very floral, perfume nose. No aroma of corn. Very sweet candy-like initial taste, not much rye spice. Finish is the smoke/char. Definitely a bourbon. Swishing it around produces some corn notes in tasting, but it's only occasional. So not a 'young' bourbon?

The initial sweetness in the taste made me think Weller 12, since I associate it with sweetness, but there was a bit (I think) of rye spice to it, so it couldn't be that since Weller is a wheater. I guessed Very Old Barton as a stab in the dark since it was something I've not had recently and was thinking about.

Good, I think I preferred it to #1 since this was more 'classic' bourbon to me. I liked the char? finish and the sweetness. Not my favorite, but good.

Answer: Knob Creek. Jim Beam aged 9 years. I've not historically liked Knob Creek all that well for some reason though I keep trying it (and have a bottle on hand) so I was surprised at this. I'm still bad at this.

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