Monday, July 22, 2013

Whiskey 1:
Alcohol in the nose, a little vanilla(?). Mild sweetness on the tongue, with spice and then some char bitterness in the finish. Fairly short finish.
Good, but nothing spectacular.
Guess: Very Old Barton?
Answer: Evan Williams Single Barrel 2003.

Whiskey 2:
Stronger vanilla in the nose, maybe some fruit or other candyish aroma. Mint or sweet herb aroma? More sweetness in the initial taste, milder rye spice, some alcohol heat.  Again, a mild char/bitterness in the finish which seems similar in length to the last one, some slight nutty undertone. Also good, possibly slightly sweeter than the last, but similar to me.
Guess:  Possibly another year of EWSB? Very Old Barton for my default guess?
Answer: 1792 Ridgemont Reserve.  I'm so bad at this, at least same distillery as VOB, mainly by luck though.

Whiskey 3:
Alcohol in the nose with vanilla. Strong initial sweetness with a lot of alcohol heat. Sweeter finish with less char. With a little water, the alcohol heat goes away a bit and there's some bitterness in the finish.  Some good flavors mid-palate, not sure I have the ability to pick them apart though. Candied flavor almost. Kind of that laqcuery-painty flavor but in a good way. Much milder rye spice than the others, to the point of not being sure if I was getting rye spice or alcohol heat. Favorite of the three I think.

Guess: Something bonded, seems like a fairly high proof.
Answer:  Four Roses Single Barrel OBSK.

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