Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Flight of 3 night

A - Lightest of three by a bit. Light dust and wood in the nose with some fruit/sweet smell. Sweet on the tongue with some candied fruit. No rye spice, so a wheater? Good flavor, finish is light and pretty short. So nothing super fancy, but solid. Doesn't seem like high alcohol content. Maybe Maker's? Maybe AAA 10 Year, but I'm not getting the rye from it so it's probably not that.

B - Middle by color, classic bourbon color, nothing dark/red. More alcohol in the nose and other than that I'm not picking up much distinctive there so far. The initial drink is surprising in the oily/viscous texture of it. I've not noticed that in a bourbon before. It's likely there but more noticeable compared to the first one. A little attic in the initial flavor. A bit more bite than the first, and a longer finish. Probably 'better' in the complexity area than the first one. Seems to be rye spice on the tongue but smooth overall. Possibly a Four Roses?

C - Darkest of the three. Nice in the nose with wood/attic and bit of wintergreen maybe? Seems like a Buffalo Trace to me based on smell. Sweet on the tongue with some candied notes again. Seems higher alcohol than the others and I think I have some rye spice, that leans me toward EH Taylor Small Batch maybe.

As for like, I think I like C the best and then B is probably the 'better' bourbon, but I prefer the flavor profile of A to B I think, though I could say the opposite tomorrow. So C->A->B.

And they are...
All Four Roses single barrel. Huh. Again shows what a whiskey moron I am. All have rye content, and all are the same higher corn (20% rye) 'E' mashbill.
A - OESK the 2012 Limited Edition. 103 proof. Supposed to be spicy, full-bodied according the recipe hang tag. I found it thinnest of the three, but liked the flavor. 12 years according to the label.
B - OESO - 110 proof. Supposed to be fruity, medium body, red berries. 12 and half years according to the label.
C - OESV - Liquor Barn in Louisville barrel selection. 120 proof. Supposed to be delicate, fruity, fresh creamy. 11years, 9 months according to the label. So the youngest, but definitely the darkest of the three.

So the 2012 Limited Edition SB was my runner-up and the 'weakest' of these three to me. If I could get my hands on 2013 LE SB I could compare. This OESV is excellent, not that any of these are bad.

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