Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Flight of 3 night

A - Lightest of three by a bit. Light dust and wood in the nose with some fruit/sweet smell. Sweet on the tongue with some candied fruit. No rye spice, so a wheater? Good flavor, finish is light and pretty short. So nothing super fancy, but solid. Doesn't seem like high alcohol content. Maybe Maker's? Maybe AAA 10 Year, but I'm not getting the rye from it so it's probably not that.

B - Middle by color, classic bourbon color, nothing dark/red. More alcohol in the nose and other than that I'm not picking up much distinctive there so far. The initial drink is surprising in the oily/viscous texture of it. I've not noticed that in a bourbon before. It's likely there but more noticeable compared to the first one. A little attic in the initial flavor. A bit more bite than the first, and a longer finish. Probably 'better' in the complexity area than the first one. Seems to be rye spice on the tongue but smooth overall. Possibly a Four Roses?

C - Darkest of the three. Nice in the nose with wood/attic and bit of wintergreen maybe? Seems like a Buffalo Trace to me based on smell. Sweet on the tongue with some candied notes again. Seems higher alcohol than the others and I think I have some rye spice, that leans me toward EH Taylor Small Batch maybe.

As for like, I think I like C the best and then B is probably the 'better' bourbon, but I prefer the flavor profile of A to B I think, though I could say the opposite tomorrow. So C->A->B.

And they are...
All Four Roses single barrel. Huh. Again shows what a whiskey moron I am. All have rye content, and all are the same higher corn (20% rye) 'E' mashbill.
A - OESK the 2012 Limited Edition. 103 proof. Supposed to be spicy, full-bodied according the recipe hang tag. I found it thinnest of the three, but liked the flavor. 12 years according to the label.
B - OESO - 110 proof. Supposed to be fruity, medium body, red berries. 12 and half years according to the label.
C - OESV - Liquor Barn in Louisville barrel selection. 120 proof. Supposed to be delicate, fruity, fresh creamy. 11years, 9 months according to the label. So the youngest, but definitely the darkest of the three.

So the 2012 Limited Edition SB was my runner-up and the 'weakest' of these three to me. If I could get my hands on 2013 LE SB I could compare. This OESV is excellent, not that any of these are bad.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Whiskey 1:
Vanilla in the nose, not too strong an alcohol. An herbal or grassy note every once in a while. Pleasant.
Mild sweetness on the tongue, nice flavors mid-palate though I'm not sure I can pick them apart once again. Minty is a decent descriptor. Mild rye spice. Overall balance, with some noticeable mint/spice. Finish is medium length with some bitterness/char, but not overpowering. Good flavors overall.

Guess: Four Roses Small Batch--had some the other night after trying the OBSK and this seems similar. Four Roses are balanced, but the small batch has a little more mint (F yeast strain?) to it. Yellow label seems sweeter when I've had it, so I guess small batch.

Answer: Four Roses Small Batch. I got one right finally.

Whiskey 2:
Slight alcohol in the nose, lot of vanilla and candy aroma. Some floral aroma as well. Sweet on the tongue, a little alcohol heat and rye spice. A little more bitterness in the finish than the previous. Good flavor throughout. Different from the last one, but I'm not quite able to say how. More bitter in the finish, less mint in the middle. Nose is really nice, but doesn't quite keep up on the tongue maybe.
Finish is medium length.

Guess: Not sure, some rye. Higher proof than last one. But not much other distinctive I can come up with to narrow it down. Very Old Barton?

Answer: Bulleit Bourbon.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Whiskey 1:
Alcohol in the nose, a little vanilla(?). Mild sweetness on the tongue, with spice and then some char bitterness in the finish. Fairly short finish.
Good, but nothing spectacular.
Guess: Very Old Barton?
Answer: Evan Williams Single Barrel 2003.

Whiskey 2:
Stronger vanilla in the nose, maybe some fruit or other candyish aroma. Mint or sweet herb aroma? More sweetness in the initial taste, milder rye spice, some alcohol heat.  Again, a mild char/bitterness in the finish which seems similar in length to the last one, some slight nutty undertone. Also good, possibly slightly sweeter than the last, but similar to me.
Guess:  Possibly another year of EWSB? Very Old Barton for my default guess?
Answer: 1792 Ridgemont Reserve.  I'm so bad at this, at least same distillery as VOB, mainly by luck though.

Whiskey 3:
Alcohol in the nose with vanilla. Strong initial sweetness with a lot of alcohol heat. Sweeter finish with less char. With a little water, the alcohol heat goes away a bit and there's some bitterness in the finish.  Some good flavors mid-palate, not sure I have the ability to pick them apart though. Candied flavor almost. Kind of that laqcuery-painty flavor but in a good way. Much milder rye spice than the others, to the point of not being sure if I was getting rye spice or alcohol heat. Favorite of the three I think.

Guess: Something bonded, seems like a fairly high proof.
Answer:  Four Roses Single Barrel OBSK.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Whiskey 1:
Vanilla in the nose, with some water added a bit of a hay/wood/attic aroma.
Sweetness in the front of the tongue on the initial sip. Rye spice on the tongue with some alcohol heat. With a little water added it smooths out the alcohol heat.
Finish with char and some bitterness. Finish lingers for medium length.

Guess: Evan Williams SB--I have no idea and it's my default guess as of late.

Answer: Very Old Barton 100 proof. This is some good stuff, especially for the price. I'm not sure you could get a better bottle of bourbon for $15. Not a lot of complex flavor necessarily, but stands up well to anything else we've tried so far.

Whiskey 2:
Nose similar to the VOB, vanilla and a little hay/attic, but a little more intense in the nose with a streak of something sweeter that I can't place. Initial taste is sweet, but a lot of alcohol heat, so fairly high proof? Finish is medium length. Second drink gives some more bitterness and char/smoke in the finish. Some deeper complexity on the tongue with flavors I can't quite place since I'm not particularly advanced at this. More a sense of 'having more flavor' than the ability to pick it apart. Not picking up a lot of rye spice in this. A little water brings out some woodier flavor on the tongue and a little more sweetness in the finish.

Very good overall.

Guess: Col. Taylor Single Barrel -from the proof and my unfamiliarity with it.

Answer: EH Taylor Single Barrel BIB. Hey I got one right!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Whiskey 1:
Nothing remarkable in the nose.
Mild sweetness on the tongue, smoke and a char finish with some nuttiness and slight rye spice. Mild flavor all around. Balanced, enjoyable, but nothing remarkable. Finish short.
Guess: Evan Williams Single Barrel from the finish.
Answer: 1792 Ridgemont Reserve.

Whiskey 2:
Dark. Alcohol in the nose. Has to be Elijah Craig Barrel Strength. Not picking up many other distinct aromas. Sweet on the tongue but very hot from the alcohol. Notes of corn, but just in passing. Rye spice but very short finish. Alcohol is pretty overwhelming, but surprisingly drinkable for the proof. Finish lingers with sweetness rather than char/bitterness.

Guess: Elijah Craig 12 Barrel Strength. Mainly from the color in the glass--it's nearly like maple syrup and distinctive from any other bourbon we have on hand.
Answer: Elijah Craig 12 Barrel Strength. Woo-hoo! One right, but it was an easy one from the looks.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Whiskey 1:
Scotch-like flavors. Nose has the sooty? smell I associate with scotch and the finish also had soot/smoke, but not quite peaty flavors of scotch. Rye spice in the flavor, but smooth. Not very sweet, not overly alcohol-y, no detectable flavor or smell of corn.
Wasn't sure this was bourbon and thought it could be the Johnnie Walker green since it seemed like a 'mild' scotch and that's the mildest we have on hand.

Good, but not my favorite. Lacks a little sweetness that I like.

Answer: Black Maple Hill. Bourbon after all.

Whiskey 2:
Very floral, perfume nose. No aroma of corn. Very sweet candy-like initial taste, not much rye spice. Finish is the smoke/char. Definitely a bourbon. Swishing it around produces some corn notes in tasting, but it's only occasional. So not a 'young' bourbon?

The initial sweetness in the taste made me think Weller 12, since I associate it with sweetness, but there was a bit (I think) of rye spice to it, so it couldn't be that since Weller is a wheater. I guessed Very Old Barton as a stab in the dark since it was something I've not had recently and was thinking about.

Good, I think I preferred it to #1 since this was more 'classic' bourbon to me. I liked the char? finish and the sweetness. Not my favorite, but good.

Answer: Knob Creek. Jim Beam aged 9 years. I've not historically liked Knob Creek all that well for some reason though I keep trying it (and have a bottle on hand) so I was surprised at this. I'm still bad at this.