Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Whiskey 1:
Nothing remarkable in the nose.
Mild sweetness on the tongue, smoke and a char finish with some nuttiness and slight rye spice. Mild flavor all around. Balanced, enjoyable, but nothing remarkable. Finish short.
Guess: Evan Williams Single Barrel from the finish.
Answer: 1792 Ridgemont Reserve.

Whiskey 2:
Dark. Alcohol in the nose. Has to be Elijah Craig Barrel Strength. Not picking up many other distinct aromas. Sweet on the tongue but very hot from the alcohol. Notes of corn, but just in passing. Rye spice but very short finish. Alcohol is pretty overwhelming, but surprisingly drinkable for the proof. Finish lingers with sweetness rather than char/bitterness.

Guess: Elijah Craig 12 Barrel Strength. Mainly from the color in the glass--it's nearly like maple syrup and distinctive from any other bourbon we have on hand.
Answer: Elijah Craig 12 Barrel Strength. Woo-hoo! One right, but it was an easy one from the looks.

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